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We aim to empower all generations using AI technology for social improvement

“AI for us”  is an AI assessment system that was composed of the AI tools and
that illustrated to every user/learner the analysis of their progress in an accessible
format would support learning and teaching through continually assessing learning
of subject specific knowledge.

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"AI for us" aims to improve learning experience for both educators and students by tracking user movement through their engagement or record their progress on various learning tasks in the quiz web application.

We want to encourage as broad a group of people as possible to assess their awareness regarding the impact of technology and to educate them about the emerging technology in their daily lives and to understand what are those social impacts and how to embrace the technology around us. Let's work together to identify challenges in a fast paced technological era and find the solution to inspire people to change public policies, attitudes, and behaviors to improve lives.



A gamified conversational assessing tool for lifelong learning.
It is fun and knowledgeable. Earn points for correct answers, level up and
unlock the virtual badges. Our bite-sized quizzes measure and quantify
how much you understand about societal impact of AI and why you should
be aware of the impact of it.


We aim to unlock the possibility inside every individual around the globe to identify issues, find answers, and drive change.

We aim to improve the teaching and learning experience for both educators and students by tracking user movement through their engagement or record their progress on various learning tasks.

Our meet ups aim to connect people with emerging technology in Digital era and AI to encourage people to learn and mentor each other.

“Making technological innovation works
for sustainable development”

for you

To become ....
the “ Self-efficacy Digitally Responsible”
in a hyper-connected world

The pace of technology creation is faster than the pace of our understanding or
our development of critical thinking.
In order to become critical thinkers and be conscious of our online rights and responsibilities, “AI For us” will help to foster digital citizenship through engagement and
self-initiated education to empowers us all.


As sustained economic growth remains the surest route out of poverty and a core driver of human development, “AI for us" aims to accelerate the growth of Thailand’s Global Competitiveness Index (GCI).

We set to get ahead in the race to the frontier by educating our citizens to be digitally literate. Talent adaptability is critical. It pays to enable the workforce to contribute to the technology revolution and to be able to cope with its disruptions.

for the world

Enhancing sustainable development to improve human lives and build a better world in the alignment of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
"AI for us" seeks to Build engagement around long-term strategies that integrate humanitarian and development approaches in the advancement of technology in the 4th industrial revolution.


How do we design assessment questions?

We map our questions regarding the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) administered the digitally based Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL). This assessment  measures whether learners and users are able to apply technology and engineering skills to real-life situations.

It has been synthesized from other, major digital literacy frameworks and undergone a long consultation and development process. Therefore, the technology and Society domain was picked to help us craft our questions to identify digital knowledge and the needs of digital culture that Thai citizens have in their social and personal life.

Also, assessment targets in the area of Technology and Society are concerned with the effects of technology on human society, the natural world, and the world of information and knowledge as well as with issues of ethics, equity, and responsibility.

How does the tool evaluate ?

To explicit the awareness and demonstrate an understanding of users regarding the use of AI and social responsibility, we created MEAI framework.
It is a conceptual framework inspired by Bloom’s digital taxonomy (1956/2001) combined with Webb's Depth of Knowledge Framework (1997; 2002) to guide the data generation techniques and its analysis.

MASTEREvaluating :
Capable of using information in new situations and drawing connections between ideas

Able to apply conceptual understanding and higher-level thinking

APPRENTICERecalling : Can recall information; this involves a surface level understanding not in depth knowledge.

INTERN → Technophobic; Technologically illiterate 


‘Ai for Us’ was created to promote awareness of AI benefits and potential problems through continuous assessment and long-life learning including being a social advocate against technology abuse. Also, we aim to empower all generations using AI technology for social improvement.


CMKL University

Established as a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), CMKL University will provide cutting-edge engineering research and education in Southeast Asia. By bridging world-class partnerships with local context, CMKL makes technologies accessible to its society and creates innovations that will benefit Thailand and the Southeast Asia region.

By applying Carnegie Mellon’s globally acclaimed research and education programs within a regional context, CMKL tackles challenges that will drive future development of Thailand and the ASEAN community.

The Team

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