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CPEF Higher Educational Service Provider License No. 1/2560; Tax Identification No. 099-4-00221322-8

CMKL University is a higher education institution in Thailand under provision 3 and 4 of NCPO Head Order No. 29/2560. The university has been established under agreement No. 1/2017 with the Committee on Promotion of Education Provision by renowned foreign higher education institutions (CPEF).

Your contribution can be used for 200% educational donation allowance under section 3 as Amended by the Royal Decree Issued under the Revenue Code regarding Tax Exemption No. 655.

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Accelerating our Future

with CMKL Advancement Program

Be a part of building our tech future.
Build human capacity and technology innovation for our community.

Giving provides the financial footing that create extraordinary place of education, collaboration, and innovation. Your engagement and support will strengthen the Institute and foster its greatest advancements while open up opportunities for our students to pursue their goals.

Individual Donation

Every contribution helps create our future. We welcome our supporters at all levels to help our students pursue their interests. Any amount of contribution matters even if it's just 100 Baht.

Please make a donation by making a deposit to
Bank: Kasikorn Bank
Bank Branch: King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Account Name: CMKL University
Account Number: 0341345979

Please email a filled donation form and proof of payment to
Your donation will be recorded in revenue department e-donation system and a donation receipt will be issued upon request.

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Young Technology Leadership

Award for Undergraduate Students

This contribution will give the opportunity for an excellent undergraduate student to participate in a student exchange program for 2 semesters (1 academic year) at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA and participate in student activities on campus.

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Named Scholarship

for Master Students

The contribution is to support a Master student for his/her 2-year education. A selected scholar will be recognized by the name of donor together with his/her Master title.

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Named Research Fellowship

for PhD students

The contribution is to support a PhD. Student for a 5-year research project. Donor will leave a lasting legacy by having their name present on a Ph.D candidate’s fellowship title.

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Leap Frog Research Program

for Research Program

Participate in a designated 5-year research projects to create competitive edge. Donor will entitle to have named research program while collaborating with Carnegie Mellon and CMKL University research team.

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Research Excellence Center

for Excellence Center and R&D Initiative

Donor will entitle to have designated name research excellence center and access to research teams from Carnegie Mellon University and CMKL University. The named research excellence center may also conduct a designated long-term research initiatives.

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