Multiple positions available - CMKL University, Thailand

Course & Dates:  August - October

Our ideal candidates are English native speakers who are ambitious, outgoing and possess excellent interpersonal skills. We prefer candidates familiar with English teaching for second language learning to help provide effective English instruction to our students.

Our Coaches will be interacting with students in undergraduates , graduates and must have the ability to successfully connect and interact with the student, regardless of age or grade level. Our Coaches must be capable with English at all levels although higher grade English and Essay Writing skills are especially required.

Our Coaches are required on a consistent weekly basis and will support CMKL University by providing measured student progress on language proficiency. 

What does the role involve?

English Coach: delivering English language classes (focusing on 4 main skills ; reading, writing, speaking and listening) in an engaging and communicative manner for up to 40 hours per week following the schedule using the in-house materials provided. Delivering the explanation, illustration and techniques of English topics, grammar and disciplines to our students with a positive attitude and approach.

Assessment: assessing student performance and providing appropriate feedback and guidance in academic tutorials (included in the 40 hours). 

Supporting: Supporting our Education Coordinator to maintain an organized camp activity  and productive English learning environment.

This list is not exhaustive and other duties may be required.

 What experience do you need?

 You will be:

  • Native English speaker with an enthusiastic and student-centred Coach and friendly camp staff.
  • provides extra help to students struggling with speaking, reading, writing, and grammar.
  • able to work effectively under the pressures of multitasking. 
  • available Monday – Friday and potentially Saturdays
  • Excellent communication and soft skills with an added sense of humor
  • Outgoing personality and ability to work well with students of all ages
  • able to work closely with academic staff and camp staff but also as part of the University.
  • support other camp staff, helping to keep camp operations running smoothly and efficiently
  • aware of the demands of academic life 
  • considerate of students with different learning styles
  • Hold a degree with English as a major is preferred
  • experienced in teaching second language learners is preferred 


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