A Program Director is responsible for providing oversightand operational leadership for particular academic programs offered bythe University. The ProgramDirector will also work with the University’s executiveto identify and implementincremental innovations,new programs and operational capabilities that advance the University’s educationalmission. A Program Director’s responsibilities are as follow



• Direct supervision of program management staff; supportand mentoring for program management staff.

• allocationand management of the financial resources allocated to academic programs.

• Preparation and implementation of the course offerings,including identifyingneeded courses, arranging required facilities and managing instructorassignments for the program (including administering, the recruiting and evaluatingof instructional faculty, TAs and staff)

• Ensuring that the offered academic programs are incompliance with University and external rules and policies.

• Provide additional services to the University, externalcommunity and the larger academic community as requested by University’s executivesincluding, but not limited to, engagement in University-appointed committees ormeetings, involvement in advising of students, community services and activitiesorganized by the University, activities in professional societies and University-affiliatedorganizations.


Employee Benefits :

  • Flexible     Work Schedule
  • Five-day     work per week
  • Group-based     health insurance plan
  • Provident     Fund
  • Paid     Time Off (10 days - annual leave)

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