The Visa and Work Permit Specialist will be responsible for managing all aspects of visa and work permit processes for our international staff and students. This role requires a deep understanding of Thai immigration laws, excellent organizational skills, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.Key Responsibilities:
- Visa Management:
 - Process applications for non-immigrant visas for international faculty, staff, and students.
 - Handle extensions, renewals, and cancellations of visas.
 - Ensure compliance with Thai immigration laws and university policies.
- Work Permit Processing:
 - Manage work permit applications, renewals, and cancellations for international employees.
 - Liaise with Thai government agencies and ensure timely submission of documents.
- Student Visa Coordination:
 - Assist international students with the application and renewal of student visas.
 - Provide guidance and support throughout the visa application process.
- Documentation and Compliance:
 - Maintain accurate records of all visa and work permit applications.
 - Keep abreast of changes in immigration laws and regulations.
 - Ensure that all documentation is in order and submitted on time.
- Advisory and Support:
 - Provide advice and support to international staff and students regarding visa and work permit issues.
 - Conduct orientation sessions for new international employees and students.

  • additional tasks like assist in opening a bank account, get a tax id or any other relevant tasks.

- Bachelor's degree in a related field.
- In-depth knowledge of Thai immigration laws and regulations.
- Experience in handling visa and work permit processes.
- Strong organizational and multitasking skills.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
- Fluency in Thai and English (TOEIC 650+)
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
- Prior experience in an educational institution is a plus.

Employee Benefits :

  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Five-day work per week
  • Group-based health insurance plan
  • Provident Fund
  • Paid Time Off (10 days - annual leave)

To apply for this opportunity, please submit your application here

To apply for this opportunity, please submit your application here.


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