Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of programs are offered by the university?

CMKL University has been established to offer collaborative research and education between Carnegie Mellon University and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. CMKL offers top Ph.D. and M.S. programs in cutting-edge area of computer engineering and digital technologies including Software Systems, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics. Upon the program completion, graduates receive the degree from Carnegie Mellon University. All courses are conducted in English, both in Thailand and in the United States. Students will start the coursework at Carnegie Mellon University in USA and return to continue research work in Thailand. Scholarships are available on a competitive basis.

What do I need to submit for my application to be considered complete?

A complete application consists of the application itself, statement of purpose, resume, three recommendation letters, transcripts, GRE score report and application fee. International applicants are also required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score report.

  • Statement of Purpose and Resume: You have the option to either upload your statement of purpose and resume, or enter them directly into the online application as text.
  • Recommendation Letters: Once you access the online application, you will be required to enter the names, titles, and email addresses of your three recommenders. Your recommenders will then receive a link to the online recommendation form. All recommendations must be completed online. Any hard copy letters mailed to the ECE Admissions Office will be discarded.
  • Transcripts and GRE/TOEFL or IELTS Score Reports: Unofficial transcripts and score reports must be uploaded to the online application. This is what the Admissions Committee will use for review purposes. In addition, it is required that the ECE Admissions Office receive official electronic or hard copy GRE and TOEFL/IELTS score reports. The ECE Admissions Office will only require an official hard copy of your transcript if you are admitted and decide to accept your offer of admission. In order for transcripts to be considered official, they must be received directly from the university in a signed and sealed envelope.​

Note: Please DO NOT mail any other paper documents to the ECE Admissions Office or CMKL University such as a resume/CV, publications, financial documents, or certificates as they will not be included in your file for review by the admissions committee. The only hard copy documents that should be mailed to the Admissions Office are official transcripts and GRE, TOEFL or IELTS score reports. If you have publications that you would like the admissions committee to review, please link to them in your online resume. Any additional hard copy material mailed to the Admission Office will be discarded.

Also, please note that the Admissions Office will not accept application material submitted by third party consulting companies. It is expected that each applicant will complete his or her own application. Exceptions to this policy include application material submitted by a fellowship/scholarship organization, World Education Services, or ETS.

Is the TOEFL test required for all international applicants?

The TOEFL test is required of all international applicants whose native language is not English. Native language is defined as first language, or language spoken from birth. The TOEFL is not required if the applicant has graduated from a U.S. university, or if the applicant is a Carnegie Mellon student or alum.

Can I submit an IELTS score instead of a TOEFL?

The Admissions Committee prefers the TOEFL to the IELTS. While you are encouraged to take the TOEFL, if you are unable to do so, we look for a minimum overall score of 7 on the IELTS, with minimum sub-scores of Reading-6.5, Listening-6.5, Speaking-6, and Writing-6.

What are the minimum TOEFL, GRE, and GPA required for admission?

If you are required to take the TOEFL, the minimum score requirement is a total of 84, with minimum subscores of IBT-R 22, IBT-L 22, IBT-S 18, and IBT-W 22. There are no "cut-offs" for the GRE and GPA. Both the GRE and GPA are evaluated in the context of your entire application package.

Can I apply for more than one program?

You may apply for more than one program.  On the online application, simply rank your programs of interest in order of preference and you will be considered for each program that you include.

I have a full-time job, can I apply as a part-time student?

If you apply for our Doctoral or Master programs, you must be able to participate as a full-time student. Our degree programs require a significant amount of time and dedication from the students to complete the coursework and related research. Additional professional certificates and trainings will also be available for existing workforce looking to refresh their knowledge. More details regarding the continuing education will be coming soon.

Is there any scholarship available?

Yes, students admitted to the programs will be able to pursue full scholarship from our partners. Admitted PhD students will be fully supported for the duration of 5 years in the form of industrial partner research fellowships, availability will be based on the partner’s conditions. Supports for PhD students include tuition fee and stipends so that the students can focus on coursework and research. Master program’s scholarship will be available in the form of tuition fee support only. Partners may require the students to have a work contract for the company after graduation.

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