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Prof. Asim Smailagic is a research professor in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, at CMU. He is director of the Lab. for Interactive and Wearable Computer Systems, and the Leader of the Virtual Coaches Research Thrust in the NSF Engineering Research Center on Quality of Life Technology at CMU, combining machine learning, sensors and image analysis. Prof. Smailagic was program chairman of IEEE conferences more than 10 times and chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Wearable Information Systems. He was co-editor, associate editor, and guest editor in leading technical journals, such as IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing, IEEE Trans. on VLSI Systems, IEEE Trans. on Computers, Journal on VLSI Signal Processing and Journal on Pervasive Computing. Prof. Smailagic is Fellow of the IEEE for his contributions to Wearable Computers, Context Aware Computing and Pervasive Computing (2010). He received the Fulbright post-doctoral award in computer science at CMU in 1988, the 2000 Allen Newell Award for Research Excellence from CMU’s School of Computer Science, the 2003 Carnegie Science Center Award for Excellence in Information Technology, the 2003 Steve Fenves Systems Research Award from the CMU College of Engineering and other prestigious awards.

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