Ph.D. in ECE

Ph.D. Scholarships Fall 2022

Ph.D. Scholarships Fall 2022

CMKL University

The scholarship allows doctorate level students to study in a research-focused program utilizing advanced knowledge in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

The program provides an opportunity to specialize in data science, security, cyber-physical systems, software engineering, and mobility. This is a five-year program with three years at the Carnegie Mellon campus in the U.S. and two years at the CMKL campus in Thailand.

August 15, 2021 to October 1, 2021
This scholarship is unavailable.

Full Ph.D. in ECE scholarship covering*: 

1. Full scholarship (Tuition & Fees) covering:

  • University tuitions for five academic years

2. Stipend (Living allowance):

  • Stipend for two academic years at CMKL University, Thailand (approx. 40,000 THB* per month) 
  • Stipend for three academic years at CMU, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (approx. 3,060 USD* per month)
  • Relocation allowance (two economy round-trips & shipping) up to 200,000 THB

Scholarship Benefits and Conditions

Successful candidates awarded a scholarship will receive the following**:

  • Full Scholarship
  • Contribution to living expenses
  • Opportunities to be a Teaching Assistant (TA) during your academic time at CMKL University and Pittsburgh campus
  • Upon completion of the degree requirements, the awardee will earn a dual degree Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as CMKL University
  • Supplementary academic support
  • Excellent, all-inclusive campus facilities
  • Facilities for sports and students’ activities
  • Outstanding faculty members and researchers
  • Opportunities for collaborating with leading industries and research institutes
  • The award is tenable for one year in the first instance and is renewable subject to good standing (see agreement/condition). The maximum period of the scholarship is 5 years for PhD candidates, as determined by university as well as availabilities of research funding in each case.



*Fees & expenses are subject to change. 

** The scholarship details comply with the university rules and regulations.

Steps for Getting A Scholarship

1. Read the Eligibility &  Requirements

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship and pre-screening application you must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must complete their undergraduate programs on or before July 31, 2022.
  • Be able to enroll in a full-time PhD program.
  • Demonstrate academic achievements and previous research & development experience. 
  • Strong recommendations and have demonstrated a high standard during your undergraduates.
  • Not be the recipient of another sponsored scholarship.

2. Apply for Pre-screening Application with CMKL University

Candidates have to apply for a pre-screening application with CMKL university before applying for Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering Application Management System.

This is a process of evaluating the quality of a candidate before submitting the actual application to Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. This pre-screening application can help candidates prepare the application and make sure that the applications are the best match for the program.

A complete pre-screening application consists of:
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • 3 Recommendation letters (strongly recommended)
  • Transcripts
  • TOEFL* (preferred) or IELTS* or Duolingo English Test (DET)*
    TOEFL : A minimum overall score of 84, with minimum sub-scores of IBT-R 22, IBT-L 22, IBT-S 18, and IBT-W 22 are required.
    IELTS : Overall 7.0 with minimum sub-scores of Reading-6.5, Listening-6.5, Speaking-6, and Writing-6.
    DUOLINGO ENGLISH TEST (DET) :  A minimum overall score of 105 is required, with minimum sub-scores of Literacy-105, Comprehension-115, Production-70, Conversation-95.

3. Wait for Candidate Pre-screening and Selection Process Result

CMKL admission committee screens the candidates from the applicant pool and announces the result via email.

Please note that this does not mean the students will be qualified and eligible for the scholarship. 

4. Got your Result? Next, apply to Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

If you pass the pre-screening, you will have to apply for Carnegie Mellon-CMKL PhD ECE Pittsburgh/Thailand program through Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering Application Management System.
Once your application has been accepted by the Carnegie Mellon University admissions committee, CMKL University will contact you regarding your scholarship application result. (Fall submission period October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.)

Please select a Ph.D. in ECE - Pittsburgh/Thailand to apply for our programs.

5. If You Got Accepted, We Will Support You.

Carnegie Mellon University admissions committee will pick the students based on their criteria and then CMKL will process the scholarship contracts.


The scholar will be determined by the committee. The committee’s decision will be final without any right to appeal.

Selection will be based on an assessment of the scholarship application and any required supporting documents. Applications will be ranked against the criteria and the offer made to the applicants who best meet the eligibility criteria. Interviews will be arranged as it is required.

Scholarship Agreement and Conditions

It is important to also note that Scholarship awardees must:

  • Perform as Teaching Assistance (TA) at least 2 sessions: 1 session at CMKL campus and 1 session in Pittsburgh campus.
  • Maintain an appropriate study load and achieve satisfactory research progress in order to complete their Scholarship within the period stipulated in their Student Contract, being aware that any employment undertaken during term times may compromise academic progress.
  • Acknowledge that scholarship may be terminated at any time for failure to make satisfactory academic & research progress.
  • Understand that the Scholarship may also be terminated if the authorities becomes aware of any behavior or illegal activity undertaken by the awardee before they accepted the Scholarship that was not disclosed at the time of application and which would have resulted in the application being rejected had it been disclosed.
  • Understand that information about the recipient and their dependents may be collected by and exchanged between various parties for the purpose of promoting and administering the Scholarships or in relation to other development activities.

Terms and conditions set-forth, University reserve the right to change, adapt, or modify without prior notice. Please check directly with the administrator for changes.

Important Dates:

Application Open Dates and Deadline :

  • August 15 - October 1, 2021

Scholarship Pre-screening and Selection Process :

Pre-screening & Selection 
  • Due to October 8
Interview Date 
  • Week of October 15
Final Candidates Announcement
  • October 22
Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering Application Open Dates 
  • October 1  - December 31

For information about scholarships and other options, please contact our staff 

Tel. 065 878 5000

Email :

This scholarship is unavailable.