Integrated Master and Bachelor Degree Program (IMB)

Integrated Master and Bachelor Degree Program (IMB)

The IMB program with 2 degrees within 5 years

Integrated Master and Bachelor Degree is also known as IMB program. Through this track, qualified students will be automatically considered for our IMB program. In other words, students who choose this track do not need to re-apply for the MS in AiCE or TCI program at CMKL University. Applicants don’t need to submit any recommendation letters or GRE scores. 

Eligible students begin to complete their B.Eng. in AiCE in the normal or accelerated track and continue to pursue either M.S. in AiCE, or M.S. in TCI at CMKL University. However, the students need to complete the undergraduate degree requirements before classifying as graduate students. 

Students whose QPA is above 3.00 are automatically eligible for the CMKL IMB program. If they are interested in participating in the IMB program, they need to complete and sign the declaration form. 

Students starting B.Eng. AiCE in the normal track will be eligible for dual degree B.Eng. AiCE and either M.S. in AiCE or M.S. in TCI at CMKL University. Eligible students need to complete their declaration form during the third year of their undergraduate studies. The degrees will be awarded by CMKL University.

Dual-Degree, Carnegie Mellon - CMKL MS ECE and Bachelor Degree Program (DMB)

The DMB program with dual-degree Carnegie Mellon-CMKL MS ECE

Students in the 3-year accelerated track of the AiCE program with a QPA of 3.00 are eligible to apply for the Carnegie Mellon – CMKL M.S. dual-degree in ECE. Students need to reapply for admission application. Applications for the dual M.S. degree in the ECE program will be reviewed by the ECE Graduate Admission Committee at Carnegie Mellon University. Once students have been admitted to Carnegie Mellon – CMKL dual-degree program, they will spend their last two semesters (Fall and Spring) at Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

Graduates of the dual-degree program will receive  M.S. in ECE from Carnegie Mellon University and M.S. in ECE from CMKL University.

Residency Requirements and Financial Impacts for both IMB and DMB programs

Once a student  has completed all of the requirements for the B.Eng. in AiCE degree, they may become a graduate (Masters) student. To do this, the student's undergraduate degree is certified, and that student officially graduates with the B.Eng. degree. Once a student's undergraduate degree has been certified, no more courses may then be applied toward the B. Eng. degree.

If a student takes more than 8 semesters to complete either the IMB or DMB programs, then they must be a graduate student for at least one semester before graduating.

To determine the most appropriate time for an undergraduate student to become a graduate student, they should consult with the Hub Office to understand how becoming a graduate student will affect financial aid, and with their academic advisor to determine a course schedule. The tuition rates depend on the program you currently attend.

B.Eng. in AiCE

Bachelor of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Engineering


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