Master of Science in

Artificial Intelligence & Computer Engineering


Program overview

2-Year Program (can be done in 1.5 years)
Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering

Offering 2 study tracks;

  • Professional track: 96 Units of technical courses or R&D courses, and REI

  • Thesis track: 96 Units;

    • 36 Units of technical courses + 12REI + 48 R&D courses**

    • 48 Research and Innovation credits are thesis work, which requires a thesis defense before graduation

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Students in the M.S. in AiCE Program will undertake an intensive study of the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering. During the course of obtaining the M.S. degree, students will take AiCE courses and participate in research projects.

Degree timeline

M.S. in AiCE is three full-time semesters (1.5 year program) on the CMKL campus in Bangkok, Thailand.

Admission requirement


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