TCI Demo Day: Ideate, Create and Inspire

 Start date
Dec 19, 2022 11:00 AM
 End date
Dec 19, 2022 5:00 PM
True Digital Park
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Presenting a project as a graduate student can be a challenging experience, however, it is a valuable opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge to your professors, peers, guest participants, and other professionals. CMKL University M.S. students in Technology and Creative Innovation (MSTCI) have done an astonishingly good job presenting their capstone projects. All five teams (Aden, OneGrowth,  Project V, Parabox, and REx) are shining examples of driven young talent that would doubtless make an impact on the world with their unique and innovative projects. The students proudly embody CMKL University's vision of creating a sustainable future using technology.  

Starting off with the first presentation by team Aden regarding patient health data documentation, a web application software system that systematizes the collection of patient health information and makes it available in a digital format. The goal of the application is to improve the efficiency of the medical staff based on the current methodology of documenting patients' health data within rehabilitation centers and small hospitals, which is traditionally done using a paper-based format. After the Aden team's performance, the OneGrowth team brings participants into the metaverse world. The ladder to metaverse talent leverages tech and metaverse expertise to prepare future talents for the metaverse, 3D assets, NFT, and AR/VR. While Project V focuses on creating an online virtual influencer called "Tired Peach" by using 3D design, creating a 3D digital model of the influencer using 3D software, and putting the "skeleton" into the 3D model, giving it the ability to move

On the other hand, the Parabox team takes participants into an immersive sound adventure experience that aims to provide audiences with a new experience by utilizing spatial sound technology (or 360-degree sound); combined with multi-track guided theater which will allow the audiences to immerse by being the character within the story as the first-person point of view. Finally, REx is a capstone project that combines music with AI deep learning technology. This is the first AI project in Thailand to train and support the Thai language by training an Artificial Intelligence to imitate sounds, tune pitch, and predict durations of audio data files. It was refreshing to see passion, creativity, innovativeness, and ardor fully displayed by every team in creating such an incredible display of graduate projects on our TCI demo day.

Aside from our MSTCI students' innovative presentations, our special guest, Dr. Tarit Nimmanwudipong, General Manager at True Digital Park, gave an admirable speech to our graduates and participants about the role of business in building future innovators. A short interlude with the "AI Innovator Award 2022 Pitch Competition" winner's announcement. The winner is given the AI Innovator Trophy along with a scholarship worth 50,000 baht. Artificial Intelligence for Better Lives project, by Ms. Rajasurang Wongkrasaemongkol from Kajonkiet International School, Phuket, Thailand, is chosen after three rounds of competition among hundreds of pitches submitted. Her creation, which aims to create a reading aid for visually impaired individuals, has served as a milestone to improve the lives of mankind and is in line with CMKL University's vision to create a sustainable future with AI technology.

Ultimately, the journey of studying is endless; it's an ongoing process of growth, learning, and improvement. However, our MSTCI M.S. The graduate class of 2022 has displayed dedication, hard work, creativity, innovativeness, and a willingness to face challenges. For at CMKL University, our M.S. program in Technology and Creative Innovation (MSTCI) is a unique interdisciplinary program with a strong professional focus that brings together the brightest scholars and professionals from the fields of arts/design, engineering/technology, and business/management. Thus, it is with no doubt that this class of graduates will advance in their chosen path. 

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