CMKL Corporate Innovation Project
A place where academics and corporates partner up for success!

CMKL Corporate Innovation Project

We believe ‘Collaboration creates a perfect storm’


CMKL Corporate Innovation Project

A place where academics and corporates partner up for success!

Do you have a good and solid entrepreneurial idea that you want to bring it to life? And Corporates, have you considered shaking hands with academics to foster your innovation and growth?

Do you have an idea that you want to bring to life?

Join a cohort of peer companies and work with Carnegie Mellon - CMKL Program graduate students to investigate what’s possible over the course of a semester.

Disruption needs new and different ways of thinking

At The Venture, we pair teams of graduate students with companies looking to be more entrepreneurial. We incorporate, explore ideas, develop robust prototypes, and find key customers and investors.

We believe ‘Collaboration creates a perfect storm’

The Venture is an innovative group focused on researching and promoting the mission of transformative innovation within corporations by sharing knowledge, activities and resources.

Benefits for Partner Companies

Benefits for Students

Explore and Validate

 Testing and validating ideas in a controlled environment allows companies to build more robust and customer-oriented solutions.

Disrupt new markets by learning new approaches

Gain new techniques and tools during the course to apply to future innovation projects. Get the insider intelligence and insights needed to accelerate their go to market strategy.

Recruit talent students

Interact with high potential graduate students and establish recruiting relationships. Students who will potentially turn into young professionals and bring a wealth of new knowledge into their company.

Build a network to access emerging technologies

Meet other executives focused on developing innovation competencies at other organizations. Be able to access and utilize the latest technological advancements to produce next-generation products and services.

Become a Leader

Educating students to serve as leaders in the innovation economy with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to develop, scale and deliver breakthrough solutions to real-world problems.

Act forward

Learn methods for developing business ideas.

Be Entrepreneurial

Embrace your creative confidence

Support Fellow Teams

Collaborate with the whole cohort


Prototype, test, fail, repeat. Eliminate risk through experimentation

Project Timeline

Kick-off meeting



Project Framing


Commitments for Sponsorship


In-person sessions on campus (CMKL University) or online sessions (due to Covid-19) attended by key employees of each partner company.


Weekly check-in (In-person/Online) from same key employees to provide feedback on student work and project direction.


Financial contribution to CMKL University to sponsor a project. Please reach out to learn details.

Our Project Course

The following course projects illustrate how ECE graduates bring creativity into our industrial partners and tech communities to create benefits at a business and societal level through innovation and entrepreneurship. Many are still operating, some have sold, and others evolved into something new.

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