AiCE X-cellent Camp 2023

The exclusive AiCE X-cellent camp, which took place on October 28–29, 2023, was meticulously designed for aspiring engineers, designers, creators, and anyone with a passion for AI and computer engineering. This exceptional event introduced participants to the realm of artificial intelligence, encouraging them to explore AI concepts, fundamental coding, computer programming, and pre-college preparation through engaging activities. The camp aimed to provide high school students with valuable insights into the AI landscape through immersive hands-on experiences and mentorship, guided by our professors, teaching assistants, and students. Real-world projects served as examples to help participants understand the core concepts of cutting-edge technology. At CMKL, our supportive environment enabled participants to learn more about breakthrough technology, with tight mentorship fostering a learning and growth environment.

The first day began with ice-breaking games to help our young participants get to know each other better. Participants were provided with an AiCE X-Cellent Camp booklet in which they had to collect stamps from all the learning stations they completed over the two days to earn the AI certificate.

The first class of the day delved into practical AI exercises, where participants learned about the applications of artificial intelligence. The AI workshop covered the fundamentals of AI applications and computer vision, with participants grouped into teams and assigned group tasks.

In the afternoon, participants delved into reverse programming, engaging in hands-on exercises to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. Reverse programming involves evaluating a product or system to understand its design and functionality, providing our participants with a more profound comprehension of the topic. The first day concluded with immersive environment labs focusing on projection mapping, introducing participants to immersive technology that bridges the physical and digital or simulated realities. After a full day of classes, participants enjoyed board games and relaxed in our common spaces with their new friends.

The second day commenced with an AI workshop on the recommender system, followed by prompt engineering. Participants continued to work in teams, engaging in hands-on learning and completing in-class assignments. In the afternoon, courses such as "Ethics in AI" and counseling sessions led by our dean of the AiCE program, Ms. Apirujee, on "What type of engineer are you?" took center stage. Participants had the opportunity to receive valuable feedback on their statement of purpose (SOP) during these sessions.

In the wise words of Dr. Sally Goldin from CMKL University, "It's okay to say that you don't know what type of engineer you want to be in your SOP; the university is where you will find out what type of career path you want to take." The camp culminated with the presentation of AiCE X-cellent Camp certificates to all participants and a delightful pizza party, marking the end of this memorable two-day event.