CMKL University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Newton Sixth Form School


           On March 1, 2021, CMKL University and The Newton Sixth Form School signed a Memorandum of

Understanding, to promote mutual understanding between two institutions. The MoU is designed to

develop academic and educational cooperation to expand the community and promote sustainable


             The Newton Sixth Form is the first school in Thailand as a personalized pioneering math and

science specialist sixth form with emphasis on character building for top universities. Its vision is to

produce the best human capital by preparing students aspiring to go to top universities, either

nationally or internationally to realize their dreams. The goal is to provide personalized solutions with

high-level teaching in academic subjects, character building and English language.

              Under the MoU, CMKL and NEWTON agreed to collaborate on the preparation program; to

strengthen, support, and transform our education system to improve program quality, more efficient

use of resources, and better alignment of goals and curricula for Thai students. The MoU aims to

facilitate access to a range of learning opportunities and developmental supports, providing

opportunities for students to experiment with new approaches to learning.

              On behalf of CMKL, we are thrilled to be part of this initiation. Together with NEWTON, we

believe we can foster better alignment of programming to help students realize their full potential and

prepare them for their future path of education.