A unique opportunity to study at CMU Pittsburgh Campus

April 11, 2024
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CMKL University's Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Program is a collaborative research and education program with Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, United States. CMKL offers two types of degrees: Master's and Ph.D., where students will learn and thrive in the heart of innovation and technology. Students enrolled in both programs will have the unrivaled opportunity to study on the Carnegie Mellon University campus, and once they graduate, they will be able to apply for a STEM OPT (Optional Practical Training) in the United States after graduation.

The ECE Master's Program is a 2-year program in which students learn the fundamentals of digital technologies and explore specializations in data science, security, cyber-physical systems, software engineering, and mobility. Students will spend the first year at CMKL University and the second year at Carnegie Mellon University, where they will be involved in hands-on research and development projects. Students who complete the degree requirements will earn an M.S. in ECE from both Carnegie Mellon University and CMKL University.

The ECE Ph.D. Program is a 5-year research-focused program with intensive study in ECE that will allow researchers to choose their area of specialization and utilize advanced ECE knowledge to solve real-world challenges. Students will spend three years at the Carnegie Mellon campus in the United States, followed by two years at the CMKL campus in Thailand. Students who complete the degree requirements will earn a Ph.D. in ECE from Carnegie Mellon University and CMKL University.

The ECE program is full of bright minds and visionaries who shape the future of our world and is arguably the most far-reaching Engineering field with an impact across industries. Pittsburgh, where Carnegie Mellon is located, is a global technological hub with one of the world's top emerging startup ecosystems. As ECE graduates and researchers are in high demand, students will be surrounded by leading companies eager to hire them upon graduation.

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