AiCE Camp 2021 : the Fundamental Step to Your Computer Engineering Success

April 11, 2024
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Never will AI and Computer Engineering be out of reach from our young minds when the AiCE X-cellent Camp is here to make sure they are ready for the hottest trending issue of the tech industry. CMKL has organized the AiCE X-cellent Camp in hopes to inspire and educate participants fascinated by the AI and Computer Engineering world. The camp was virtually held online during the 2-6 of August 2021 with notable contributors as mentors to share their experiences and insights with our participants.

With a focused aim to provide high school students with more hands-on experience and profound insights on real-world AI, the AiCE X-cellent Camp has made the idea of AI a breeze. The camp has segmented the world of AI into 3 uncomplicated yet powerful terminals including topics regarding human-centric design & visualization, accelerated computing system, privacy & security for ambitious participants to discover. These terminals mainly revolve around the fundamental concepts of AI and Computer Engineering, how world-class R&D project meetings are being organized, and the process of unlocking the participants' hidden potential that might bring out true gems to the AI community and the world. Provided with easy-to-follow content and engaging live sessions, participants effortlessly find that real-world AI is even closer than they can imagine.

We hosted the camp through Gather, gamified web conference platform

Nothing can stop these inspired participants from exploring the world of AI, not even the current pandemic situation. Thanks to our fast and dynamic world, participants have been virtually interacting with their friends and mentors via Gather throughout the camp. For those of you who are wondering what Gather is, it is an online virtual community that actualizes the physical environment of the CMKL campus streaming live to all the participants' computer screens despite where they are. This interaction channel is a breakthrough that helps enhance the whole 5-day camp experience and encourages participants to pursue their enthusiasm without the current lockdown situation as their roadblock.

Campers have tried various tools of creative engineering!

Extraordinary, informative, fun, and interesting were just some of the words from the participants describing how the AiCE X-cellent Camp has allowed them to learn and experience from leading tech mentors in the AI universe for them to lay a solid foundation in furthering their undergraduate studies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering in the future. Moreover, participants were still amazed by how their interests in AI can be fulfilled through this camp and are looking forward to a brighter future in this influential path with the know-how gained from their mentors in this fruitful activity.

Final project presentation about 'AI For Good'

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