AiCE X-cellent Camp 2022

May 16, 2023
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The exclusive AiCE X-cellent camp on 26-28 October 2022 is designed for aspiring engineers, designers, and creators to explore the world of Artificial Intelligence. The camp encourages participants to explore AI concepts, basic coding & computer programming, and pre-college preparation through various activities. AiCE X-cellent camp aims to provide high school students with insights into the AI world through hands-on activities, with close mentorship supervised by our panels of experts. Real-world projects will be offered as an example for participants to grasp the basic concepts of innovative technology. Our supportive environment at CMKL allows participants to learn more about the world-class research happening right on campus.


An exciting opening day awaits our young aspiring AI engineers from grades 10 to 12! Participants are hyped to immerse themselves in Real-World AI experiences and learn what those AI applications are used for. Fun and interesting ice-breaking games are introduced to foster camaraderie among participants. The basic introduction to AI applications and computer engineering was introduced in the morning session by experimenting on machines. In the afternoon session, participants are introduced to cutting-edge Research & Development projects such as Porjai, Apex and AI Healthcare. Porjai is an AI application that records and translates audio across the country. Apex is a high-performance computing and storage system. A supercharge data and AI workflow for data teams with powerful infrastructure and an easy-to-use web interface. AI Healthcare uses mixed reality applications and holographic computing to assist with healthcare. Lastly, participants also get a chance to learn more about basic algorithms by writing some Pseudocode.

Campers are learning about AI Experiences

The second day opened with a basic Python programming workshop supervised by our ECE/AiCE graduate students. Khun Gunyootapong Nopakun, MS in TCI Alumni and Radio Producer has revisited our CMKL family and entertained participants with a fun storytelling workshop to boost participants’ confidence and presentation skills. Immersive Environment Labs are conducted for the afternoon session to encourage participants to immerse themselves in the world of creative engineering. Participants are encouraged to create their own AR masks on Spark AR under the supervision of Khun Kamin Phakdurong, TCI adjunct faculty. Interesting topics such as AR/VR/Oculus with Horizon World Projects are introduced, teaching participants how creative engineering has impacted the entertainment industry.

Campers have tried various tools of creative engineering!


The day kicked off with a basic Python programming workshop from day 2 with our ECE/AiCE graduate students. Dr.Sally Goldin, Assistant Professor of CMKL University gave a presentation about the Ethical challenges in AI Applications which helps to improve the AI society followed by a session on How to Write the Winning SOP/CV for AI Engineering Program. Participants are also offered pre-college preparation career advice from our panel of experts, along with a personality test as a guideline. The certificate for finishing the AiCE X-cellent Camp is given, and the day ends with a Halloween party together with CMKL students, instructors, and staff.

Career advice from one of our panel of experts

“CMKL is the first university that teaches mainly about AI and since I was interested in this field I want to learn more”- Anonymous. Informative, interesting and fun were just some of the words from the participants describing how the AiCE X-cellent Camp has allowed them to experience the AI universe and laid a solid foundation for the future if they choose to further their undergraduate studies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering.

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