What Does ECE at CMKL University Have in Store for You?

May 16, 2023
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The MS and Ph.D. ECE program at CMKL University is one of a kind. Besides its outstanding academic reputation and faculty members, the ECE program also provides many benefits that will enhance the learning experience for ambitious and determined learners. To give you a clearer picture, students can earn a dual degree from Carnegie Mellon University and CMKL University, indulge themselves in the experiences gained from both the western and the eastern world, or even get connected to the industry and work in the US after graduating. There's just so much waiting here in the ECE program for students to discover and unfold.

Why earn 1 degree when you can kill two birds with one stone with our ECE dual degree program. CMKL University's collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) will offer you not only the best educational experience in preparing you for this fast-moving industry but also two distinctive degrees from both universities upon graduation. The dual degree allows you to achieve two goals simultaneously, saving both your time and investment. Furthermore, earning 2 degrees also means doubling your chances of landing on high-ranked job opportunities available in the market.

Students are encouraged to learn effectively by getting their hands dirty. CMKL has meticulously planned out our ECE curriculum with the determination to inspire our students to use their knowledge through practical work. Students will be academically exercising their thinking caps and well-equipped book knowledge through real-world projects and research with private and public sectors in Thailand. They will be hands-on assisting these organizations by utilizing their skills in tackling issues and challenges the organization faces to uplift and improve its efficiency and business competitiveness. Students will be able to learn from real-world problems and will be able to comprehend the fundamentals gained from CMKL University classes accurately.

Knowing the in-depth context and gaining valuable connections from both sides of the world builds up a well-rounded electrical and computer engineer. Since the program will bring you two degrees and two different hemispheres, you will experience two different cultures and meet with many more valuable connections advantageous to your future in your journey. You will connect with bright and enthusiastic learners and faculty members in both the Thailand campus and the US campus, which could be an enriching opportunity to look at the world from various views. 

Studying at the US campus will also be very beneficial to students in increasing their chances to settle down on career opportunities in the US and abroad. Carnegie Mellon University offers students the possibility of meeting and connecting to brilliant and experienced people from the industry through projects, seminars, and activities. From there, these elite connections and networks gathered along your journey in the ECE program will turn into bridges for you to pursue leading career opportunities both in the US and abroad in no time. 

ECE will always push our limits to give the best opportunities and use the most impeccable approaches in curating graduates for the electrical and computer engineering industry with high hopes in elevating how the world copes with digital transformation. We believe these many benefits of the ECE program at CMKL University will prepare students to stand in the limelight with pride in pushing the world to a new standard that has never been discovered before.

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