CES 2021 Key Trends - Top 6 Technologies in New Era

April 11, 2024
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CES 2021 Key Trends - Top 6 Technologies in New Era

CES2021 or Consumer Electronics Show 2021— The year of World’s Innovation Exhibition through an online platform (ALL-Digital)—has revealed Key Technology Trends, which are prospering from the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. Here is intriguing information from Techsauce as follows; 

1. The Thrust of COVID-19 toward the Technology

According to the COVID-19 outbreak, customer behavior in using technologies has sharply altered from which it early took six years to be successful. Now, it turns into months or weeks to make growth including; (1) E-Commerce: more online shopping orders compared to 10years ago in making payments, (2) Telemedicine: growing 10 time sin using Virtual appointments within 15 days, (3) Streaming Video: appearing a big progress with 50 million subscribers in 5 months, and (4) Remote Learning: activated online classes by 250 million students within 2 weeks. 

2. Intelligence of Things in Gaining Momentum

Now, Artificial Intelligence or AI is a crucial core in transforming innovations and being adapted with Internet of Things or IoT. Consequently, it becomes a new technology called ‘Intelligence of Things’ to propel technologies, namely; (1) AI and Machine Learning: more recognized and important during the COVID-19 pandemic, (2) Robotic Process Automation: earning 2 billion dollars in using robots instead of humans within 2021, (3) Natural Language Processing: adding more 10% budgets compared to 2019 in Computer Development department, and (4) Cloud Computing: appearing world-class companies’ anticipation in using of cloud computing more than expected.

CES 2021 Key Trends

1. Digital Health 

In 2021, incomes in the Innovation Digital Health Industry will be growing around 34% costing 1,246 million dollars as expected. Here are the insignificant gists as follows;

five-year forecast of health monitoring devices
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·        Everyday Lifestyles : developing for using in daily routines

·        Patient Care : a technology for taking care of patient

·        Provider Efficiencies : a technology for increasing treatment potentials. 

In a field of Medical Industry in a matter of years, robots will be adapted and applied as a male nurse, and the industry will take advantage of AI and XR innovation to diagnose and treat patients. 

future of digital health innovation
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During COVID-19 crisis, mounting world-class organizations have encountered a big shake-up altered to Cloud Era. As safety considerations in the first place, now more than 60% of all agencies use and plan to enhance the system.

2. Digital Transformation in COVID-19 Era

For healthy issues compared to the Pre-COVID-19, Americans have spent their money up to 30-35% on a Digital Fitness Industry, where many gyms provide real-like training via online platforms to members.  

On the side of education issues, schools in many countries such as France and England have chosen online meeting platforms including E-Learning and LendED to directly broadcast lessons to students without transmission of the virus.

As regard to rules and regulations, adjudication will be held by using online platforms in arranging an online meeting to follow a Social Distancing measure.

3. Robots, a Vital Reinforcement of COVID-19 Pandemic

Throughout COVID-19 situations, robots will be used and combated the virus for various purposes including; 

·        Sanitation: cleaning and sterilization

·        Transportation: aerial vehicle or drone

·        Sales and Purchasing:  a robot for sorting goods

·        Substitution for contaminated activities: cooking and relocating sewage

·        Health: taking human’s temperatures 

·        Quarantine: high-risk patients’ surveillance

4. Effects of Health Crisis on 5G

In 2019, the investment amount in 5G, especially in R&D and CAPEX was beyond expectation up to 10.8% or 2.6 hundred billion dollars. For the next 15 years, departments of 5G system will be increased to around 22.8 million positions. 

rescue robots covid-19
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5. The Future of Transportation Technology in CES 2021

  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS): transportation services
  • C-V2X Connectivity: communication between vehicles and environment or nature 
  • Self-Driving Vehicle Fleets: widespread using electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Electrification: emerging EVs Chargers
  • Electric Pick-up Trucks: earning popularity in the United States

6. Smart City

Currently, the visions of Smart City include Networked sensors in the city, Smart Kiosks, Data Dashboards, and Contact Tracing. 

smart city
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Accordingly, being back to normal routines, the city provides a safe and smart building where comes with contactless technologies, clean air and surface, a social distancing measure, and remote meetings. 

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