CMKL University’s AiCE program, Thailand's first-ever integrated Bachelor's degree in AI Engineering.

April 11, 2024
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CMKL University’s AiCE program, Thailand's first-ever integrated Bachelor's degree in AI Engineering.

Join Thailand's first-ever integrated Bachelor's degree in AI Engineering at CMKL University and become part of a new wave of Engineers equipped with the knowledge and expertise to shape the global future of AI. The impact of artificial intelligence on our society is growing, bringing exciting new challenges and opportunities, and there has never been a better time to get on board.

CMKL University (Carnegie Mellon - KMITL) offers Thailand's first integrated Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering (AiCE) with a mission to build future engineers and researchers capable of driving the ever-changing landscape of digital disruption. Throughout the program, students will gain fundamental knowledge in all aspects of AI and have exceptional opportunities for hands-on experience in solving real-world problems alongside leading global engineers, designers, and industrial partners.

4 Pillars of knowledge

The AiCE program develops and trains students to become future leaders in the AI space, breaking new ground by leveraging Carnegie Mellon's globally acclaimed research and education programs, the birthplace of AI more than half a century ago. 

This 4-year competency-based and industrial-driven program has special accelerated 3-year path that designed to focus on the required knowledge area and relevant application domains in which students learn to apply AI technologies in the fast-paced world. The curriculum consists of 4 knowledge pillars: Artificial Intelligence, Human-centered Design, Scalable Systems, and Cybersecurity. Students will have direct access to APEX AI Supercomputer at the University, the first and largest node in the University's AI research infrastructure, in partnership with NVIDIA and DDN. As Southeast Asia's most powerful computer, students will get the chance to transform massive amounts of data quickly into decisions that have the potential to change the world.

In addition, AiCE students will have an unrivaled opportunity to participate in Carnegie Mellon University's Undergraduate Exchange Program for 1-2 semesters during their third year in the United States of America.

Artificial Intelligence career opportunities have escalated due to its surging demands in industries. Pursuing a Bachelor in AI and Computer Engineering at CMKL will give you a competitive advantage, become an attractive candidate in the job market, and prepare you for a future in the AI world among various sectors, whether in Tech, Business, Medical Science, or even Gaming across the globe. 

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