Participation in World-Class Research Groups with CMKL Internship Program

May 16, 2023
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Unquestionably, gathering hands-on experiences through professional internships is one last step for students before confidently stepping into the professional world as active engineers. Furthermore, these suggestions for internships are instead requirements for applicants for electrical and computer engineering positions in numerous big corporates worldwide. 

The CMKL has initiated the Internship Program with its primary purpose to provide high school and undergraduate students around the world with meaningful professional work experiences. These work experiences will be within the scope of projects aimed at elevating the betterment of the community through advanced technology. We've accepted applicants with top profiles from the USA to India, Indonesia, and Thailand in the past summer. These determined students are from top-ranking schools and universities from various countries. Some of which also represent billion-dollar tech companies as student ambassadors. Let's bring you all through the participants' significant impressions of the CMKL Internship Program.

For Thanapat Eurboonyanun, his primary purpose in the internship program was to gather experiences and sharpen his expertise in DevOps, focusing on automating workflow, before serving as a professional computer engineer. "I wanted to start my internship with the university first before I apply to other big organizations," said Thanapat. One aspect that has made a big difference and has shaped him into a well-prepared professional engineer was the feedback he had received from his mentors. Most importantly, he also learned the industry's best practices and how to cope with challenges, whether deadlines or roadblocks, from the internship experience.

"If you were to describe three words for your internship experience, what would it be?" Pruetikorn Chirattitikarn, whose professor had introduced him to the CMKL Internship Program, concluded: "Learn and Learn.". "I work as the tester for the program. I only wrote a few codes. I spent most of the time studying about typescript and backend." Pruetikorn continued. Although his scope of responsibility was narrow, he affirmed that the internship experience had taught him lessons we could never have in lecture classes. He has learned how to fit into the practices and the people in the real-world working environment, which is one of the most critical aspects towards success in anyone's career journey.

On the flip side, Amanda Yongvanich has also successfully pursued her good personal intentions for society through our internship program. "Having been interested in Artificial Intelligence for a while now, specifically Natural Language Processing (NLP)" she said. "I hoped to delve deeper into my existing curiosities by becoming an R&D Intern for the Thai Dialect Project... I was excited to tackle the following problem: a lack of opportunities for Thai vendors who don't speak the central language. This is primarily rooted in language barriers and has hindered Thai locals from establishing an online presence. Therefore, I wanted to help overcome this obstacle!"

Was the internship experience worth it, you might ask? "It has helped me grasp the dynamics of the real-world tech field, whereby I have become more open to collaborating with team members while also being empowered to problem-solve on my own," said Amanda. Regarding her impressions of the internship program, she mentioned, "The team was incredibly supportive and willing to help! I'd hope to intern for the CMKL & Carnegie Mellon University collaboration in the future."

"Lastly, three big words to conclude your internship experience at CMKL.""Compelling, Inspiring, Fulfilling!" Amanda insisted.

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