Education in the 21st Century & CMKL Students’ Life Experiences

April 11, 2024
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Education in the 21st Century & CMKL Students’ Life Experiences

Education in the 21st Century

The notion of success looks different from what people previously thought.

It could be said that we are now living in an era of rapid change; people's way of life has changed dramatically, including working, ways to communicate or educate, because of innovation and technological advances. Thus, this dynamic remodels the needs of people, society, or even the labour market, so that’s why education systems needs to adjust their methods and goals to respond accordingly.

CMKL University is highly concerned about what education systems should look like in the future. Consequently, we create programs that provide students with the opportunity to cooperate with our industry partners, so that our students can touch the new educational experiences and gain necessary skills in order to drive future development.

#Let’s talk with CMKL students

The Project

Yang Qi: He runs the project on a fall detection system using geophones and a Support Vector Machine (SVM), intending to use AI to help elders who live alone or stay at the nursing room if they suffer from a fall. His idea flashed into his mind as he realized that despite the large market of elder care, the current resolutions are not effective enough.

Yurun Tian: She is working on her project on Gesture Emotion Detection in collaboration with KBTG. Her goal is to develop a real-time customer emotion tracking system in order to enhance Kbank’s service quality.

Prabh Simran Singh Baweja: Mr. Prabh Simran Bejawe runs his project on Supply Chain Management in order to maintain freshness of products from producers. He is now working towards getting the probable estimate of the products from the warehouses of the industry partner, ThaiBev.

Xiaomeng Li: Her project is conducted in the field of computer security. The project focuses on Phishing URL Synthesis and Detection based on Generative Adversarial Networks. The purpose is to train a URL generator and phishing URL detector to use deep learning models in a collaborative way that enables them to co-evolve, improving each other through mutual feedback.

Studying differently at CMKL

Yang Qi: After studying in CMKL University so far, not only has he gained great knowledge from classes, he has also developed the essential skills to identify real-world problems, and created practical solutions. “The solution does not always need to involve high-end technology; sometimes a combination of different solutions is the best approach,” He adds, “Moreover, I’ve found myself starting to gather information regarding entrepreneurship and have developed an entrepreneurial mindset.

Yurun Tian: As CMKL University offers an opportunity to cooperate with industry partners, she could work on her project in collaboration with Kasikorn Business-Technology Group (KBTG). Not only has she gained academic knowledge, she’s also improved her skills at dealing with a leading company. “Of course, my engineering ability has improved significantly from my experience at CMKL,” says Yurun. “I’ve learned how to communicate with different stakeholders and have gained a lot of confidence.”

Prabh Simran Singh Baweja: CMKL University provides him with a good chance to gain experience in the industry field and real-world problems. Prabh says, “I’ve had very good industry experience at CMKL so far, and I have been lucky to get the first-hand experience that it is not always the same to solve a research problem in the lab and in the industry.”

Xiaomeng Li: Li has been working on her project in collaboration with KBank. She gained a lot of essential skills in dealing with phishing attacks. “I was inspired by KBank, one of our partners, who wants to promote e-banking services and aims to find ways to defend against phishing attacks. We proposed the project to help educate employees about phishing URLs and try to detect phishing URLs by using machine learning technology to make up for the current blacklist method,” says Li. “I learned how to discover the root problem hidden beneath the surface and how to conduct the entire research process.”

CMKL Students’ Life Experiences

Rather than acquiring knowledge from research and advisors, you learn to say “Hello” to completely different perspectives of your life from studying abroad. Academic achievement or higher quality of education seem the obvious benefits to international students. However, in foreign universities, studying is not the only necessary path of the journey, but there are still important parts to make life accomplished: life experiences.

Here, we are talking with “CMKL students” not only about academic projects, but we are going to discover how their lives are going at CMKL University Thailand.

Making friends and Gaining life experience

Yang Qi:

“With the help of their superior vision, I’ve been able to overcome many roadblocks that I’ve faced,” says Yang. “The professors at CMKL have been very kind and patient; I’ve benefited a lot from having access to as many one-on-one discussions as I want.”

“The staff members are very friendly; we work and live together more like friends. They are always one call away and stand by our sides whenever we face any problems with our daily lives. Our interactions make us feel more like a member of a small family that makes me feel that I am never alone.”

“My fellow students are awesome. I’m so happy that we’re able to experience a certain degree of diversity here,” says Yang. “We help each other with our projects by offering our own strengths and individual expertise. I’ve helped Yurun and Prabh discover new ways to pursue their research areas."

“When I was struggling with my research projects, I stayed late every day and was experiencing a lot of stress. They came to me and said, “so are we.” It was a simple thing that made me feel so much better.”

Yurun Tian:

“Professor Orathai and Professor Akkarit have taught me a lot regarding how to conduct research the right way. They have been so generous and are always willing to give us advice or help us with any questions we have.”

“Ying and Prae are so warm and cute and have made our life so much more colorful; we feel like we’re in our own home every time we interact with them.”

“When I feel depressed or disappointed, they [her friends] give me so much support. I feel so touched and hope I can help them someday. When Prabh gives me advice on how to improve my research plan, when Molly hugged me when I cried, and when Yang helps me with my English, I am so grateful. They are all great people. They always support their friends, and so I also do that for them.”

Prabh Simran Singh Baweja:

Everyone around me has been very motivating and comforting in difficult situations. These are the times where you understand the true value of an institution”

“My time at CMKL has been really good so far. There were elements of stress, fun, and helpfulness involved. I have had some great discussions with fellow students, professors, and the staff – I will cherish those moments.”

Xiaomeng Li:

“Thai people are very friendly and nice. The professors really think from the perspective of the students and encourage us to learn more in order to be successful in our careers.”

“The staff is always willing to help us at any time and have made our experience much easier.”

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