The Truck Stops Here: How AI Is Creating a New Kind of Commercial Vehicle

May 16, 2023
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             When thinking about the word “Autonomous Vehicles”, an image of self-drive cars conjures up. The

transformation of Autonomy is now much more than personal transportation.  

              Due to rising delivery demands, driver shortages, and undemanding operational domains,

autonomoustrucks would be the first autonomous vehicle that use AI to automate things from shipping

processes tolong-haul delivery to hit public roads.

              In order to develop safety and capabilities for logistics, it is the fact that AI uses long-range and high

resolution sensors, a range of deep neural networks and high-performance.

              In today’s world with an augmented e-commerce and next-day delivery, more than 70 percent of

Truck transportation in the U.S play a vital role in most necessary businesses, including grocery stores and

gas stations to help distribute supplies and to move the world forward.

              Autonomous driving helps ease trucking demands and increase efficiency with lower human labor

requirements. Plus, TuSimple and the U.S. Postal revealed that the vehicles always arrived ahead of

schedule on hub-to-hub routes where limited fenced-in areas or highways and constrained to challenges of

urban traffic and neighborhood driving.

Source: NVIDIA

               In some part of this breakthrough is possible owing to centralized, high-performance compute such

asthe NVIDIA DRIVE platform. However, to process the networks as mentioned above, it is necessary to work

without human supervision, so these vehicles are going to balance delivery and logistics in the years to


Scalable Solutions for the Long Haul

        The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) determines that autonomous driving is a scalable technology

scaled by AI compute, including an assisted driving withthe in-controlled drivers (Level 2) and a full self-

driving with no human guidance (Level 4/5). With NVIDIA DRIVE, the level 2 to fully autonomous operation

can be easily scaled.

Source:  NVIDIA

On the Open Road

        Beyond the development of recent trucking practices, this autonomous technology opens the new

paths and opportunities for the industry.

Source: NVIDIA

        One of the biggest truck manufacturing companies, Volvo Group, is utilizing NVIDIA DRIVE to practice

and verify self-driving AI vehicles targeting public transport, freight transport, refuse and recycling

collection, construction, mining, forestry and more.

Source: NVIDIA

        At the same time, Einride, a self-driving truck startup, is enlarging cab-less vehicles as the next era of

Pod trucks by using NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin. From closed-facility to autonomous operation, their state-of-

the-art haulers will be hit on back roads and highways. All over the world, with high-performance and

energy-efficient to push the limits of delivery and logistics, it is AI compute to show what is possible to this



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