Validate Ideas through Prototype Building in Research Entrepreneur and Innovation (REI) Class Projects

April 11, 2024
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Research Entrepreneur and Innovation (REI) is a course in the ECE program that is one of our fundamental approaches to demonstrate and to prove to the students that real-life problems in almost every industry can be solved by the power of Electrical and Computer Engineering. In this course, students will be working practically with our allied companies and organizations to tackle problems that hinder their opportunity to advance their performances.

Khun Boyd Kosiyapong, a renowned Thai songwriter, envisioned creating a virtual companion to assist and comfort people who need loving fellowships. Behind the facade of these friendly virtual companions lies a complex procedure in replicating and programming human empathy and positive attitude, which are considered a big challenge. However, Mr. Rongjian Xiao and Mr. Nataphop Tiamdao had boldly accepted the challenge. They had successfully created a prototype of the virtual companion by implementing the Nvidia Jarvis framework to give life to the character through voice cloning and implementing the conversational AI framework giving the ability for the virtual companion to handle a convincing conversation with its speaker.

Similar to the concept of virtual companions, at Monk Studios, a studio specialized in high-quality visual effects and animations, Khun Juck Somsaman was looking for a way to awaken their designed virtual character to interact with people with fitting personalities, specifically kids. Animating was not to worry about, but giving the character the ability to identify the children's actions in order to choose the most suitable set of reactions was a hurdle. To make this dream a reality, Ms. Qingxuan Kuang and Ms. Siyu Zhou utilized the gesture recognition algorithm and the AI algorithm to give the character a sharp intelligence in identifying various actions from friendly waving to cheery hopping. The character had happily portrayed a realistic humanlike personality responding to the children's input and had created many smiles.

Apart from the world of entertainment, the student's problem-solving skills and engineering know-how have also provided The Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand (SEC) a computerized process for brokerage companies to evaluate their cybersecurity status. Working online from home during the pandemic is one of the biggest causes of data leakage leading to significant vulnerabilities; consequently, the SEC was determined to provide more robust security measures in evaluating the brokerage firms' cybersecurity level. Mr. Ayesh Towheed and Mr. Khanin Udomchoksakul had initiated the concept of a cyber confidence index based on a company's efforts to mitigate its cyber risk. Once the brokerage firm has completed the assessment, the system will automatically send a vulnerability report to take further actions to minimize the risks. This process helps create a more secure environment for the users and eliminates further destructions caused by unsecured cybersecurity measures.

In an age where digital currency is grabbing the world's attention, national financial institutions like Bangkok Bank try their best to explore and prepare themselves for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In this project, the students' main aim was to identify the advantages and disadvantages and the elements required to construct a cryptocurrency exchange platform and the limitations for integrating the platform with other external systems. Mr. Yuttapichai Kerdcharoen and Mr. Chen Xie used the open-source platform (OpenDAX) to develop the cryptocurrency exchange platform prototype. The information gathered had given Bangkok Bank insights into the upcoming trend that might impact the business in the forthcoming future.

Countless students and our partnering organizations have been positively impacted by the Research Entrepreneur and Innovation course's results, and it's been shown through our commendable works by our students from the course here ( Bringing leading engineers to society might be a challenge, but we believe in building remarkable engineers through encountering and solving real-life scenarios.

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