When AI Becomes the Right-Handed Man for Healthcare

April 11, 2024
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“Robotic doctors no longer exist in science novels.”

When AI Becomes the Right-Handed Man for Healthcare

When there is the incredible development of medical technology and artificial intelligence (AI) designed for healthcare,  AI and robots seem possible to be doctors.

AI and many cutting-edge innovations are serving a major role for lives of human beings and society. Regardless of any good or bad consequences, it has already changed our lifestyle, so we cannot reject that every step of technological transformation is close to home!

Presently, AI and robots are designed to perform tasks like what humans can do, but more effectively, more successfully, and quickly. Similarly, in medical professions, the large number of research indicates that AI is rapidly transforming healthcare.

AI Diagnostician  

A number of research shows that AI, Machine Learning and Deep learning are able to diagnose patients’ symptoms with a high level of accuracy.

According to the Skin Cancer Diagnostic Testing report, AI can diagnose skin cancer from photos of patient’s skin with 95% accuracy while human diagnosticians can do with just 87%.

Recently, Google has created algorithm named “LYNA” (Lymph Node Assistant), the AI doctor, who can analyze the results of lymph node biopsy, and diagnose the metastasis cancer with 99% accuracy.

AI Surgeon

Recently, there has been a development of robotics and medical technology which aims to support patients. At this time, medical professionals have successfully developed surgeon robots that can operate more accurately, conduct precise surgical wound care, and are providing patients with a better change of recovery.

In China, there was the invention of the robot for brain surgery called “Remebot” which can remove a blood clot in the patients brain quicker, resulting in a more efficient operation within 30 minutes.

AI medical advisor

Presently, “Chatbot” , an AI medical advisor, provides patients with helpful advice. Patients’ smartphones would be the devices that collect patients’ information, including health records, eating habits and daily routine.

AI nurse named Virtual Nurse, the best example, is a program designed to help patients with follow-up care and real-time notification.

Final Question: Will AI replace doctors?

As these AI doctors can perform as effectively as human doctors, will we be replaced?

Of course, the answer is “NO”; AI is not going to replace humans, but it is going to support us.  Formerly, AI can progress itself by the help of humans. Then, when the advanced technological world has come, AI can develop itself, like Machine Learning, by just the input and output data; AI can analyze the relationship between these two data, and learn from it.  

However, there are many tasks that will need to be performed by human beings, especially critical decision and logical thinking which are crucial for medical professions and various fields.

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