SIIE x CMKL Unified Bachelor’s - Master’s program

This accelerated program links CMKL to SIIE, KMITL, allowing students to earn a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in a minimum of 5 years! The curriculum structure of the 1.5 year master program is designed in order for students to get a chance to complete it in 1 year. Bachelor’s Degree title will be Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc).  Master’s Degree title will be M.S. in Technology and Creative Innovation (MSTCI)

Unified Bachelor’s - Master’s program The Bachelor’s Degree will be awarded by KMITL while the Master’s Degree will be awarded by CMKL University.

What You Get

Since King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) has signed the Memorandum of Understanding with CMKL University to offer the International Unified Bachelor's & Master's Degree Program which the Bachelor's degree will be awarded by KMITL, while the Master's degree will be awarded by CMKL.

The Bachelor's degree is a 4-year program, students will spend the first six (6) semesters (3 years) at KMITL for bachelor courses, and do the 7th and 8th semesters of Bachelor Capstone Design Projects at CMKL, while at the same time do the Master's program at CMKL, credits earned from which will be transferred to the bachelor's degree, students will have the opportunity to complete the master program in 4 semesters (1 year).

CMKL has offered GenEd course for SIIE students to explore influential technologies of the future. AI & Machine Learning / IoT / AR-VR-MR/ 3D / Data visualization

01006538  iCreate: Introduction to Creative Engineering and Emerging Technology


  • Understand influential technologies of the future AI & Machine Learning / IoT / AR-VR-MR/ 3D / Data visualization
  • Understand the concept of “Breakthrough innovation” and its relevance in the modern world.
  • Try a number of technologies and innovations in different domains that are designed to introduce programming techniques through creative making.
  • Reflect on your creativities and computing techniques through the practice of digital making and apply them in innovative ways.

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