Bachelor of Engineering in

Artificial Intelligence & Computer Engineering


AiCE Scholarships 2022
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The Fall 2022 AiCE scholarship is now open for students to pursue a B.Eng in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering (AiCE).

Submission Deadline: April 8, 2022

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3-year Accelerated
study plan is available

Access to the best in-class facilities and AI supercomputER

 Learn concepts and skills needed to develop effective AI systems

Apply cutting-edge, industry-relevant knowledge in AI through
Domain-Specific Application

Opportunity to participate in a research internship  

Integrated Master and Bachelor Degree Program (IMB)

Three-year Accelerated Study Plan

AP/ IB / A-Level Credit Awarding Guidelines

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Integrated Master and Bachelor Degree Program (IMB)

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Thailand's first integrated bachelor's degree in artificial intelligence
and computer engineering


The B.Eng in AiCE is Thailand's first undergraduate program in AI that provides you competency-based curricula. 

Our mission is to build up talented engineers & researchers readied for the next wave of digital disruption. Throughout the program, our students will explore how apply AI techniques to major aspects of computing; including human-centric design & visualization, accelerated computing system, privacy & security. The students will learn with hands-on experience, solving real-world problems alongside our engineers & designers with our industrial partners. Technical deep-dive is also provided by working with our international teams of researchers & faculty members from leading universities. 


AiCE program is designed to focus on the required knowledge area & relevant application domains where AI technologies can be applied. The curriculum consists of 4 pillars of knowledge area: Artificial Intelligence, Human-centered Design, Scalable Systems, and Cybersecurity. Students will also apply their AI & computing skills by working on domain-specific research & application, including Medical Science, Business & Finance, Logistics, Gaming & Creative Industries, and Education.



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