M.S./Ph.D. in AiCE

AiCE Graduate Programs Financial Aid 2024

AiCE Graduate Programs Financial Aid 2024

M.S./Ph.D. in AiCE

AiCE Financial Aid 2024

Financial aid applications are open for the Spring 2024 AiCE program for individuals who want to pursue an M.S. or Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering (AiCE).

Financial aid encompasses a combination of merit-based and need-based grants that comprehensively cover tuition expenses and mandatory fees.

Our mission is to help create talented engineers and researchers who are ready for the next wave of digital disruption. Throughout the program, our students will explore how to apply AI techniques to major aspects of computing, including human-centric design and visualization, accelerated computing systems, privacy, and security. The students will learn with hands-on experience, solving real-world problems alongside our CMKL engineers and designers and our industrial partners. A technical deep dive is also provided by working with our international teams of researchers and faculty members from leading universities.


September 1, 2023 - July 7, 2024
This scholarship is unavailable.

👩🏻‍💻Candidates’ Eligibility:

  • You must be entering CMKL from a recognized university.
  • You must demonstrate a positive attitude towards study in the AiCE program as well as excellent academic achievement in your previous education.
  • You must demonstrate a level of financial need; the applicants must specify their need-based financial aid through Admission Application

🏆 Awards:


  • A merit-based will be awarded based on good grades, standardized test scores, a strong record of leadership and community involvement, or exceptional performance in a specialized discipline such as programming, math, physics, artificial intelligence, and others. A merit-based can range in value, but it is typically intended to cover a portion of the student's tuition and other related fees.


  • Financial awards are given to students based on financial need. This is intended to assist students who are unable to pay for their education, and it can be an important source of funding for students who would otherwise be unable to attend college. The university will consider a student's family income, the number of dependents, and other sources of financial assistance when determining financial needs. A financial aid package can range in value, but it is typically intended to cover a portion of the student's tuition and other related fees.

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change.  The required fees include student activities fee, health insurance, transportation fee, and technology fee. Total amount is subject to change based on the listed tuition fees for each academic year. Tuition fees may increase by 3-5 percent annually. The Financial aid details comply with the university rules and regulations.

📢Application Submission:

Financial aid applicants must first submit an admission application to CMKL University. Applications must be submitted through an online admission application portal before midnight,  July 7, 2024. To be considered for an application, the applicants must submit one additional item with their applications.

1. A three-minute video self-introduction/statement of purpose.

Submission of Proof of Financial Need:

To be considered for financial aid, applicants must provide proof of their household income in Thai Baht (THB) along with supporting documents. This may include bank statements for the last 6 months, salary certificates, business registration certificates, P.N.D.90, P.N.D.91, or any other relevant documents that demonstrate their financial status.

By acknowledging these terms and conditions, you signify your agreement to abide by them throughout your tenure as a financial aid recipient at CMKL University.


The AiCE Admission Committee reserves the right to review and amend/alter the criteria and procedures of the AiCE Program at any time without prior notice.  If there is any conflict/concern/issues arise in relation to this award offer, However, the AiCE Admission Committee shall have the sole right to render a decision, and the decision shall be final, conclusive, and non-appealable.

The AiCE Admission Committee reserves the right not to award an offer if there are no qualified entries. Award grants will depend upon the eligibility of applicants.

🏆Agreement and Conditions

It is important to also note that awardees must:

  • Awardees shall devote all of your time, attention, dedication, effort, and skill solely and exclusively to all courses in the AiCE Program and will not stop, abandon, quit, or any other act that results in failure to graduate within the prescribed duration.
  • Assist faculties in a research project, or perform any tasks assigned by the university, within the scope of the study, relevant to the degree, and help to enhance first-hand experience until graduation.
  • Well behave, exercise good common sense, conduct in an appropriate manner, maintain and promote the reputation of the CMKL University, shall not engage in any form of criticism, defamation, cause damage, or disgrace to the CMKL University including any illegal act.
  • If awardees fail to fulfill their obligation or illustrate that you may not be able to graduate or violate any law, rules, or regulations of the university, or later the University shall reserve the right to terminate the award.
  • Understand that the condition may also be terminated if the authorities become aware of any behavior or illegal activity undertaken by the awardee before they accepted the award that was not disclosed at the time of application and which would have resulted in the application being rejected had it been disclosed
  • By submitting an application for the award means you have agreed and allowed the university to collect, process, secure, and disclose your personal information, and all data you provided through an application form. The university will collect, process, secure, and disclose your personal information for the following purposes only: administrating, admission to the program,  statistics, sending updates, or contacting you. For more details please visit https://www.cmkl.ac.th/privacy-policy. Any concerns regarding your personal information please contact pdpa@cmkl.ac.th
  • CMKL University reserves the right to change, adapt, or modify these terms and conditions without prior notice. Please check directly with the administrator for changes.
This scholarship is unavailable.