AiCE X-cellent Camp

AI is Everywhere. Do you want to know what artificial intelligence is? How is it used? How it is transforming our lives? 

Let’s take your initial steps into the AI and Computer Engineering world and find out what kind of Computer Engineering suits you best!

| Online | 1 Week long ( August 2 - 6)| Small-group | Live instructor

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Explore What Real World AI Can Do

Immerse in Cutting Edge AI R&D Projects with Industry Partners

Get Inspired by Leading Tech Experts

AiCE X-cellent Camp

Learn What AI Can Do. Find Out What You Can Pursue.

The AiCE X-cellent Camp is an exclusive one-week camp that is designed to help participants immerse in the field of technology like AI and Computer Engineering Research Projects. They will explore how to apply AI techniques to major aspects of computing; including human-centric design & visualization, accelerated computing system, privacy & security.  

Participants will grasp a basic concepts of innovative technology, while also collaborating with our industrial partners to solve real-world problems alongside our engineers & designers at Carnegie Mellon - CMKL Thailand! Our positive environment and supportive approach encourages collaboration, and promotes self-confidence and leadership skills. 

Our camp will prepare participants for future degrees in cutting-edge technology fields in which they are interested. We will help them identify what they are passionate about and figure out what kind of computer engineering or technology field they might want to pursue.

In this camp, you will:

Get Motivated

Get excited how to apply AI techniques to major aspects of computing; including human-centric design & visualization, accelerated computing system, privacy & security. 

Get Connected

Experience what it's like to study in the leading technology fields like AI and Computer Engineering. Get to know Carnegie Mellon professors and other faculty from the world's top universities.

Get Experienced

Get introduced to experiential learning through cutting-edge R&D projects with Industrial partners. Work That Matters!

Get Engaged

Let's build your virtual world! Try numbers of creative engineering tools while booting critical thinking and creative skills.

Get Excited

Get to know AI and Computer Engineering fields from deep AI to creative engineering.

Get Inspired

Get inspired to pursue a future education and career in AI and Computer Engineering.

About the Camp

How will the camp be delivered?

Terminal 1 :

Exploring Real-World AI

Students will explore the fundamental concepts of basic AI and Computer Engineering including Machine Learning, Computer System, Cyber Security, Human Centered Design. They will explore real-world AI - specifically, use cases and solutions that are on the market and ecosystem today. Students will also explore AI technologies & innovations across different domains that are designed to introduce programming techniques through creative applications.

Terminal 2 :

Immerse in Cutting-Edge Research & Development Projects

Students will have the opportunity to participate in R&D project meetings and learn how world class researches were conducted. They will join the discussions through meetings and even mentoring sessions with faculty, researchers, and graduate students.

Terminal 3 :

Build the character & Shape the future!

Students will be able to explore who they are; their true potentials, strengths and weaknesses through inspiring sessions provided by educator, engineer-in-residence and activities to stimulate their creativity and interest. Help them discover their passion and shape the future in developing next-generation technology that will shape our future.

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Opening & Camp Overview
Introduction to AI and Computer Engineering (Concept): 
AI Core, Computer System, Cybersecurity

Welcome to R&D World 
All CMKL Project Overview

R&D Project:
Cybersecurity monitoring  and automated assessment system


R&D Project:
Inventory Flow Management
AI and Image Processing Project

Spark AR
Building Virtual World


R&D Project:
Gamified Learning Platform

R&D Project:
Thai Dialect

Voice Recognition Project


R&D Project:
Automation of Bottle Screening

R&D Project:
Apex / Goliath
High-performance computing platform and storage infrastructure data exchange


Introduction to AI and Computer Engineering (Concept): 
Human Centered Design

Let’s Build the character:
Preps for Higher Education
It’s time to connect the dots!


  • The University reserves the right to adjust the schedule as we see fit without prior notice. It depends on the speakers’ availability and the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand.

  • There is no refund or cancellation after a student decides to attend our camp.

  • Only the student with the complete payment can attend the camp.

  • The University reserves the right to refuse the attendance of the students who do not follow the University’s policies and regulations.

Upon Completion of the camp, participants will receive a certification of completion and AI citizen passport.

The Entrance to AI And Computer Engineering World
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If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.