President of CMKL University

About the Position

CMKL University is seeking qualified candidates for the position of President. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in academic leadership, a deep understanding of engineering, technologies, and innovation, with the ability to navigate and lead through disruptive changes. They should also value inclusivity and diversity in all aspects of the university. Nominations, inquiries, and applications are being accepted.

CMKL University Board of Trustees commit to building and sustaining an inclusive and diverse educational environment and encourages applications from interested candidates who can contribute to, promote, and enhance this effort.

CMKL University is an innovative higher education institution with the mission to provide advanced engineering research and education in Southeast Asia. Through collaborating with renowned international and local partners, the university aims to make new technologies accessible to society and drive innovation that will have a positive impact on Thailand and the Southeast Asia region.

Main Qualifications

  • Completed at least a doctoral degree or equivalent from a university or higher education institution and has taught at a university or higher education institution for not less than five years or;

  • Has experience in administration in a university or higher education institution for not less than three years.

Additional Qualifications

  • Understand the principles, objectives, and goals of the university including understanding in administration and management system.

  • Having leadership skills, knowledge, and the ability to change, improve and develop CMKL University to achieve goals according to the university development plan and strategy sustainably and efficiently.

  • Having a broad vision, creativity, and innovation, eager to change the format and operation of the university to meet the changes of the era.

  • Having an ability to manage and make a management plan for the university, earn revenue, and other assets, and provide academic and research cooperation with the public and private sectors both inside and outside the country.

  • Having excellent communication skills, able to promote and secure supports for the university, able to effectively coordinate with both internal and external organizations.

  • Being ethical, fair, and honest. Valuing inclusivity and diversity in all aspects of the university.

Opportunities & Challenges

  • Leading the faculty and staff to fulfill the CMKL University vision and ensure the University's advancement and development in the field of technology and education

  • Work collaboratively to develop a University-wide vision which is in the best interest of students, employees, and the community

  • Oversee enrollment and improve retention and completion, and provide the best academic offerings to students and business partners

  • Collaborate with government, public and private organizations to work towards a sustainable future in the domestic and international communities through technology and ensure greater access to higher education

  • Identify and expand opportunities for other alternative revenue streams

  • Promoting the accomplishments of students, faculties and programs and advocating for the University’s best interest

Students and Academic Programs

CMKL University students are among the finest in the fields of technology, engineering and AI. The University is delighted by their academic achievements and community contribution by working toward a sustainable future with Technology. Our students display the traits of altruism and integrity and the readiness to become a talented workforce in their chosen fields upon graduation. Admission into our 3 programs; Electrical Computer Engineering (ECE), Artificial Intelligence & Computer Engineering (AiCE) and Technology & Creative Innovation (TCI) has proven to be exceptionally competitive, as we demand the best quality and standard from our students. CMKL is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse student body and assuring absolute transparency in every admission round.

Artificial Intelligence & Computer Engineering (AiCE)

The first program in Thailand uses a Competency-based curriculum for the unique needs and interests of students. The program applies AI techniques to major aspects of computing, including human-centric design, scalable computing systems, privacy, and security. The AiCE program offers the standard four years of undergraduate study and an accelerated three-year intensive study program for students who can already demonstrate some of the focal skills. Scholarships are available for selected talented individuals. This program also offers our students the opportunity to join an exchange program at our partner universities internationally allowing them to experience the world from a broader viewpoint. AiCE also offers a dual bachelor's degree program; Computer Innovation Engineering Program (CIE), KMITL and the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering Program (AiCE), CMKL.

Technology & Creative Innovation (TCI)

A unique interdisciplinary program with a strong professional focus that brings together the brightest scholars and professionals from the fields of arts/design, engineering/technology, and business/management. We emphasize leadership, innovation, and communication by creating challenging experiences through which students learn how to collaborate, experiment, and iterate solutions.

Electrical Computer Engineering (ECE)

Students in the ECE program are provided with a thorough background in the fundamentals of electrical or computer engineering and the opportunity for in-depth specialization in some particular aspects of these fields. Upon enrollment in the department, students are given the opportunity, with the help of an academic advisor and faculty mentor, to choose an educational program that is consistent with their background and is best suited to their own academic goals while supporting the needs of emerging industries.

Selection Process and Timeline

Open call for all candidate applications:

January 23- February 9, 2023

Review application by
the CMKL President's Selection Committee:

February 13, 2023

Announce candidates for presentation:

February 21, 2023

Online public presentation and private Q&A session:

March 7, 2023 9:00 PM (GMT+7)

Announce the selected president upon approval the Broad of Trustee:

To be announced