Hossein Miri

Assistant Professor

Dr. H. Miri is currently an Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering at CMKL (Carnegie Mellon KMITL) in Thailand. Prior to joining CMKL, he has studied, researched, taught, and worked in 8 countries; particularly after his Ph.D. in Cognitive Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 10 years ago, he has worked in several academic positions, as well as a few stints in industry. His research interests and previous works in the past 24 years span a wide range of topics; including Human-Computer Interaction, Extended Reality, Affective Computing, Interactive Multimedia, Technology-Enabled Education, Personalized Healthcare Systems, Mixed Reality Applications, Holographic Computing, Scientific Visualization, Semantic Information Processing, and Environmental & Social & Criminal Psychology. So far, a fruitful 24-year service and tenure in Higher Education, Academia, and Industry, as well as a Doctorate and a published book, form the basis of his humble claim to fame!‍