Technology Services for Faculty


A service to manage all CMKL user account passwords of Google Workspace, Microsoft, and the internet.

You can manage your password by resetting a password on JumpCloud.

Google Workspace

Known as GSuite, an online office tool that enhances works as a companion group, such as an online meeting tool, online shareable document tool, and others to support communication.

You can access your CMKL email account via Gmail application


Known as Microsoft 365, a productivity software, collaboration, and cloud-based services.

Azure Dev Tool for Education

The program provides access to a variety of Azure services and tools, including Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Azure DevOps, to help them build and deploy applications.


A cloud storage service that allows you to backup and syncs your files across multiple devices. After uploading your files to the platform, Dropbox stores them on its servers, and is also accessible to users simply by logging on to your account.


A cloud-based platform for messaging, file sharing, and communication. Slacks enable users to create channels for a specific topic or project, share files, and conduct audio or video calls.


A cloud-based platform for working on code as a team that allows developers to collect, organize, and track code modifications.


A web-based learning management system or LMS. It is used by learning institutions, educators, and students to access and manage online course learning materials and communicate skill development and learning achievement.


A1CE is an AI-enabled, cloud-based platform that supports individualized, and self-paced learning for student in AiCE program.


A high-performance computer and storage platform for AI research, located at CMKL University, to enhance researcher building projects.


A virtualization and cloud computing software provider.

This is not a default provided service. If you would like an access, please email us.


A learning platform that offers exclusive live training, interactive learning, a certification experience, books, videos, and more, to help professionals develop their skills.

Zoom meeting

A video conferencing software app.

*The maximum of participants in each meeting is up to 300 participants.*

On campus Wi-Fi


You can download a manual here.


Printing on located printer: the printer is located in the staff room (706).

Wireless printing: You need to install printer driver on your device. You can download a manual here.

If you would like any support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Walk-in at the office 706 Room (7th floor)