RECAP: AI University Network Symposium 2022

Attended by special guests, including, sponsors, organization leaders, academic professors, and students, the inspiring AI University Network Symposium highlighted the future of AI technology and its impact on humanity. In the co-located event with the 13th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science, CloudCom 2022, sponsored by the Program Management Unit for Competitiveness, or PMU-C on December 16, 2022, at the Millennium Hilton, Bangkok, Thailand.

Figure 1: a picture of AI University Network Symposium participants

In the fast-changing technological world of today, businesses and governments need to be quick to adopt AI technology while building their own unique digital skills. The event started off with a warm welcome by Dr. Wannarat Suntiamorntut, the chair of the PMU-C digital subcommittee. Followed by a special talk by keynote speaker Professor Hubertus Franke, Distinguished Research Staff Member, IBM Research, Professor of Computer Science, New York University, on Hybrid Cloud Security and Compliance. There are many problems with the constant push to move workloads to the cloud. For example, HIPAA and GDPR have made it harder to protect data privacy and integrity. Another thing is that security and compliance are getting more attention. This is partly because there are more cyberattacks. Currently, cloud systems are notorious for the lack of transparency in their security features. Zero-trust architectures provide a way to work around this problem by moving the trust from operational assurance by the cloud provider to technical assurance that the user can verify.

Figure 2: a picture of keynote session by Prof. Hubertus Franke

The next session was a sharing session with representatives from 5 university networks: CMKL University, Khon Kaen University, Mahidol University, Prince of Songkhla University, and Chiang Mai University. We presented about adopting HPC (High-performance computing) and showed the existing R&D projects of each university as well as stated some pain points in zero-trust architectures, providing an overview of issues and concerns at system/software, and developer levels. We also described some of the innovative projects in this domain, such as confidential computing, computer architecture isolation, and compliance process automation. Additionally, we were honored to have a sharing session by the IEEE CloudCom 2022 committees, Prof. Chunming Rong, Chair of IEEE STC Blockchain at IEEE, and Prof. Jinjun Xiong, Empire Innovation Professor with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University at Buffalo (UB).

Figure 3: a picture of representative from CMKL University

Figure 4: a picture of representative form Khon Kaen University

Figure 5: a picture of representative from Mahidol University

Figure 6: a picture of representative from Prince of Songkhla University

Figure 7: a picture of representative from Chiang Mai University

Figure 8: a picture of IEEE CloudCom 2022 committee, Prof. Chunming Rong

Figure 9: a picture of IEEE CloudCom 2022 committee, Prof.  Jinjun Xiong

Finally, Mr. Sikharin Kongpaiboon, Solutions Architect Thailand, Worldwide Public Sector, and Amazon Web Services, led the workshop on “AWS cloud services and research gateway services.” AWS cloud services were showcased to the audience, resulting in an engaging discussion among the audience members. The AI University Network Symposium had proven to be a wonderful and inspiring event for all guests. The conference had finally come to an end on a high note, parting with new innovations, ideas, friendships, and much more. Every new beginning stems from the end of another.

Figure 10: a picture of workshop session by Mr. Sikharin Kongpaiboon




Nutsupa Sukprasith